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The Kerala Essense

Agro Food and Spices was established in 1994 with the aim of promoting the regional spices of kerala and uplifting the supporting agricultural sector responsible for the aromatic spice and herbs, by creating a line of products that match global standards in terms of quality and richness.


Over The Years..

26 years since it's inception, Agro Food and Spices now operates on a much larger scale, satiating the taste buds of a loyal customer base all over Kerala. The firm directly supplies retail stores as well as through a network of distributors to supply the Spicy product range of pure spice powders, masala powders all over the state, and sometimes beyond.

The B2B Side.

Beyond to offering its product to directly to its customer base, Agro Food and Spices caters to a wide range of B2B clients such as exporters, food processing units and other brands, tailoring the final food product according to their requirements of spice, taste and aroma.


The surging demand was met with an upscaled capacity through the subsidiary manufacturing units belonging to the Agro Food and Spices group, namely Kathir Foods and Spices LLP, Jeevan Food and Spices Pvt Ltd, Jeevan Ventures India Pvt Limited and Agro Tech.

Commitment to Quality.

Its position as a trusted brand of food products was achieved through a methodological procedure that spans from acquiring the best of raw materials to enforcing the strictest measures of quality control in and during the processing and manufacturing stage. Each manufacturing unit is supervised and is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that allows the conversion of the raw spices and food grains to suit the requirements of the customers. The firm is at an advantage due to its proximity to the major markets of spices and food grains in Kerala, ensuring smooth logistics in acquiring the raw materials. Further, AFS also maintains its own agricultural farm producing several spice items and retaining the richness and purity of nature.

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